Homemade Yogurt

For years, I put off making yogurt because I saw all these different tutorials revolving around tons of different methods (crock pot, oven, etc) and I did not want to have to do all that work! I was on a mission to replace all our store bought staples with homemade versions, but they had to be easy or else it wasn't worth it.

Then we got a dehydrator. Hello, Game Changer!

I looked through the recipe book that came with my dehydrator and read through the yogurt tutorial. Needless to say, I was severely confused.

Are you having this issue? If so, I've got you covered!

Enter this easy peasy, quick and fast, mostly hands-off, homemade yogurt tutorial.
BAM! You're welcome.

Homemade Yogurt & Home Canned Strawberries

Homemade Yogurt & Home Canned Strawberries

Homemade Yogurt

makes 4 pint jars

What you need:
1/2 gallon milk of your choice
2 Tbs live active yogurt starter (plain)
large pot
food thermometer
4 pint jars with canning lids

I like our homemade items to be Organic or Raw, so for my initial batch I used Organic Whole Milk and Organic Plain Yogurt. This way, all my future batches will be totally Organic too. Smart, eh?

Pre-heat the dehydrator to 115° F, so it's ready to go.


Pour the milk into the large pot and heat on medium-low heat until the milk reaches roughly 185° F. Be careful not to burn the milk, turn the heat down if necessary.

When the temperature of the milk reaches 185° F, remove the pot from the burner and cool to 110° F. This will ensure your live starter is not killed when you add it to the pot.

When the milk has cooled, whisk in 2 Tbs live/active yogurt starter. This can be any plain yogurt that is live/active.






Transfer the milk mixture to the pint jars (smaller or larger jars can be used if you like) and screw on the lids tightly.





Put the jars into the dehydrator (shelves removed) for 10-12 hours. When time is up, allow the jars to cool in the dehydrator until they reach room temperature. Then you can label the lids with the date and transfer to the fridge for safe keeping.

I have successfully kept homemade yogurt in the fridge for 3 months before it started growing mold.

Told you this was EASY!!! Enjoy!



It doesn't have to be difficult!