Rose Water for Natural Beauty

My rose bush is coming to its end for the year. It was beautiful and useful while it lasted! If we are here next year, I will remember to take advantage of the roses earlier on so I'm not scrambling to use them fresh like I am now.


One of my all-time-favorite natural beauty recipes is facial toner. You can use it to set your makeup or moisturizer and the best is using it during that 3 o'clock slump to refresh yo'self.

I keep small bottles of facial mist in my purse and in my office, where I do my skin care regimen each day. You can even keep a larger supply in your fridge for 6 months! Now that's awesome.

Gather your roses and separate the petals from the rest of the flower. If they're ready to pick, the petals will slip off rather easily. You can use dried petals, too.

Rinse the petals real quick to remove any unwanted debris, then add them to a pot. Add just enough distilled water to cover the petals - we want a concentrated infusion.

Heat the petals on medium-low heat until simmering, cover, and allow to simmer 30 minutes (or until the petals have lost their color). We do not want to reach a boil here.

Remove the petals from the heat and strain. I like to use a tea towel, cheese cloth, or natural coffee filters in a fine mesh strainer to make sure there is no lingering debris.

Allow the water to cool to room temperature.

Now you can add Rose Essential Oil, if you like. Totally optional, but I think it lends a nice extra zing to the finished product, plus it will help your scent last longer.

Bottle your water in a spray bottle and put the rest in the fridge (tight lid here) and use as often as needed! Those with more sensitive skin may feel the need to dilute. Your call!

How easy was that?! I just love water infusions of all kinds.