Women's Pills

I took Candida pills through many of my teenage years (and they worked!). I would get chronic infections, which I contributed to my horrible diet. Now, I make my own pills! Not only is it cheaper, but I'm able to tailor the herbs to fit my body's chemistry.

Here's my personal recipe, but feel free to change up the herbs to fit your own body! We're all unique and we should treat our bodies as such. I am not one to conform to the "world's" solution. If that supplement doesn't work for me, I'm going to make my own. Sha-BAM!

Women's Pills
aka Herbal Encapsulation (see video below)
2 parts Raspberry Leaf
2 parts Cramp Bark
2 parts Pau D'Arco
1 part White Willow Bark
1/2 part Lavender Flower
1/2 part Chamomile Flower
1/2 part Ginger Root

You will need:
capsule machine
grinder (unless you purchase in powder form)
herbs (sources below)


Mountain Rose Herbs
Monterey Bay Spice Company
Bulk Herb Store

Please remember that I am not a doctor and therefore cannot (legally) give you advice on taking supplements. However, I will share with you my personal dosage.

The pills I create are 500mg and I take 1 after breakfast and 1 after dinner. There are certain times where I will up that dosage and take 6 pills total in one day. For example: during my monthly cycle or if I have an infection (very rare these days).

I have never been a great pill taker, which is why I chose the smallest capsule size and I like to space them out so there's a constant flow in my system. If you follow the link above to purchase capsules, you can get the larger sizes, if you prefer.

There are 2 videos below that might be helpful.

How to Make Pills at home

Here I demonstrate how to make pills - who woulda thought?!

Women's Herbal Tea

In this video, I share my personal recipe for Women's Herbal Tea, if you would prefer a tea instead of pills. (This video is one of the first videos I ever created for YouTube, so bear with me ;) )