Why I Use Activated Charcoal

Raise your hand if you hate the dentist.

Reasons I Use Activated Charcoal:

  1. I hate the dentist

I'd much rather look like a monster than sit in a dentist's chair. There, I said it, and I know you're all thinking it.

But let's get real today ... why in the world would I use activated charcoal, especially when it makes me look like this and tries to stain my sink?

I'll tell you.

AC is a natural, carbon based substance. That's right! Totally natural. Not man-made. High five!

This charcoal will quite literally attach to all the yucky stuff and adsorb it, so when your system flushes out the charcoal, it's flushing out the yuckies too. Notice I said adsorb (not absorb). So when you use a paper towel to absorb that spilled milk, it's quite easy to ring out that towel. But when something is adsorbed, it can't be rung out. Make sense?

So when this amazing charcoal adsorbs liquids and binds itself to toxic chemicals in my body, those yuckies ain't goin' nowhere, man. We're talkin' the ultimate detox.

credit to: charcoal | by magnoid charcoal

credit to: charcoal | by magnoid charcoal

I've been utilizing activated charcoal in my home for several years now. It started back in college when I worked as a chiropractor's assistant. I got turned on to a lot of natural remedies during that season in my life and I am forever grateful. Little did I know I was being prepped for the career path I'm on now.

Here are some great ways to use AC in your daily life...


Apply the powder to your brush, add a bit of water, and brush away. I recommend brushing gently and using a brush with soft bristles. For me, this is the primary way I like to use AC because, you know, the dentist thing. And let's face it, I eat way too much sugar.


I've been creating charcoal facial soaps for a few years now and I just love how they make my skin feel. You can use them all over your body, not just your face, but typically AC soap is marketed as a facial soap because it's so amazing at kicking acne butt.

face masks

If you're not into ingesting AC, then this might be more your thang. Using AC as a face mask can remove toxins and impurities by drawing them out through your skin. This is especially helpful when it comes to acne and other breakouts. See my Charcoal Face Mask here.


Remember that article for my women's pills recipe? AC is great for fighting women issues too! Make plain AC pills and space them out from your regular supplements, about 2 hours apart.


All the way from food poisoning to gas, AC has you covered. And at the same time, it's gentle on the colon!


AC is super great for flu season, cold season, pneumonia, or just plain daily detox. I'm in detox mode right now because I recently went off my birth control pills for the first time in 12 years. (To be fair, I tried going off them before, but it didn't work and I went back on them.) I need that junk out of my system so my body can fully recover sooner rather than later.

*Note that when charcoal binds to toxic chemicals, this can also mean medication. Do not use this if you are dependent on medication. I am not a doctor, so be smart and consult one.*

Remember! AC adsorbs liquid, so make sure you're drinking plenty of water when ingesting AC.

I'd love to see your monster pics!