Detox Through Your Feet

Foot soaks are an important factor in winter because I wear socks

all                    the                   time.

When your feet are always wrapped up, it's easy for bacteria to grow and fester. We don't want that, for sure. Our foot health can tell us a lot about our internal health as well. So do yourself a favor and soak them feet the next time you're watching TV or sitting at the computer.

Foot soaks are also an excellent way to detox your entire body, not just your feet, so I try to keep them going year 'round.

The toxins are drawn out through your feet by the salts and clay, then you're getting some added nutrients because of the essential oils and let's not forget about their amazing aromatherapy benefits as well.

The one and only foot soak I've ever created is the Revitalizing Foot Soak recipe in my shop, which is a [free] download! Head on over there and get your copy.

Let's look at the key ingredients in my recipe...

Dead Sea Salt

Widely recognized for its restorative properties and use against dry skin. Very relaxing and therapeutic on its own, so if you can't get any other ingredients, simply stick with this one.

Epsom Salt

Perfect for soothing sore muscles when used in relaxing soaks and calming foot baths. 

Baking Soda

Fights of diseases - kills fungi, mold, and parasites - and reduces muscle pain and fatigue.

Bentonite Clay

Has a strong negative charge, which bonds to the positive charge in many toxins to remove them from the body and in turn releases the minerals for the body to use.

Essential Oils

Any essential oil is excellent for detox. Each one has its own effect on the body and each body will respond differently to each oil. Find which one speaks to you and use that one often. If you have an issue with fungus or foot pain of some sort (in-grown toe nail, etc), I highly recommend Melaleuca.

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Remember I am not a doctor and the FDA does not back this article. Please do your own research into the aforementioned ingredients. I am simply a helpful human :)