Arnica for Muscles & Joints

I've been using Arnica at home for the last 5 years and it's still awesome! I like to create an oil infusion and turn it into a salve or cream. I play with different essential oils each time I make it, but the base recipe is always the same. Don't you just love stability?!

Caution! All Arnica species are toxic, even in small doses. Only use this herb in topical applications and homeopathic preparations.

Are you new to oil infusions? No sweat! They are so easy to make. Let me tell you how.

Fill a glass jar with the herb of your choice (in this case, Arnica flowers) and top it off with oil (I use olive oil). Put on the lid, date the lid, and keep in a secure location for 6+ weeks, turning the jar upside down occasionally to keep all the herbs coated. I like to use dark colored jars so I can keep them in a window where I won't forget about them.

At this point, you get to decide exactly what to do with that oil infusion. You can either leave it as an oil or create a salve or cream.

How to Make an Oil
> Step 1: Create an oil infusion (above)
> Step 2: Strain the oil and either use as-is or add vitamin e and essential oils

How to Make a Salve
> Step 1: Create an oil infusion (above)
> Step 2: Strain the oil
> Step 3: Combine oil and beeswax, melt on low heat or use a double boiler on medium heat. Stir often until melted fully and combined.
> Step 4: Pour oil & beeswax mixture into glass jars, add vitamin e and essential oils. Stir to combine. Let Set.

makes 4 oz
6 oz Olive Oil (Arnica infusion)
1/4 oz Beeswax
4 drops Vitamin E Oil
12 drops Essential Oil

How to Make a Cream
> Step 1: Create an oil infusion (above)
> Step 2: Strain the oil
> Step 3: In a bowl, combine the oil, shea butter, honey, vitamin e, and essential oils. Using a mixer, mix the ingredients together on low until thoroughly combined.

makes 4 oz
4.5 oz Olive Oil (Arnica infusion)
4 Tbs Shea Butter
1/2 oz Honey
8 drops Vitamin E Oil
135 drops Essential Oil

General Guidelines when using beeswax:
For an oil, use no beeswax.
For a rub/salve, use 1/8 oz beeswax for every 1/2 cup oil.
For a stick/tube, use 5/8 oz beeswax for every 1/2 cup oil.

How long will this oil infusion last? It will have the same expiration as the oil you used. For example: Olive Oil is good for 2 years if unopened and kept away from light and it's good for a few months once the bottle is opened.

Need some more guidance? Watch the video!