Anyone who really knows me will tell you I'm a plant enthusiast...

I'm not picky about my plants either. If God made them, I want them. Unless they're out to kill me, of course.

But I wasn't always such a plant lover, oh no. I grew up with a mom who had a super green thumb. The greenest I ever did see. I wanted nothing to do with being outside. We lived in the city in a heavily populated area of North Texas and I wasn't all about people back then either. I preferred to keep to myself. In the house. With the A/C.

Once I moved out of my parents' house and started to really grow into who I am now, I learned that I love love love nature and I do not want to ever live in the city again. Ever since that discovery, I've done what I can to learn more about plants and how to use them.

Tea Recipes

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Here you will find my eBook, videos, and book and equipment recommendations on the subject of herbs and tea. I love tea and definitely prefer it as my favorite drink, plus herbs are my number one alternative medicine for our family - humans and animals!

I also love to grow my own herbs to use as herbal tea, but if I don't have access to my own fresh herbs, then I will purchase herbs or actual tea leaves in loose leaf bulk and blend my own.

The great thing about blending your own tea is that you can make it taste however you like, depending on the amount of each herb added to the blend. Another way to blend herbs into tea is to first listen to your body - if you pay attention, it will tell you exactly what it needs.

Bedtime Herbal Tea - recipe in the eBook

Bedtime Herbal Tea - recipe in the eBook

Rooibos Chai Tea - recipe in the eBook

Rooibos Chai Tea - recipe in the eBook

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