When it comes to natural solutions, I notice that people are spread out in their knowledge. Some may use it just for cleaning purposes, some just put it in a diffuser, and some only use it to make bath and body products. And then you have the people who are so incredibly against using essential oils because they can be toxic, blah blah blah. Let me tell you right now ... water can be toxic. Think about that.

How we use essential oils is up to us. If you only want to use them aromatically, then stick to your diffuser. But if you really and truly want to dive in and figure out what these oils are all about then you gotta do your research and you gotta find a mentor (or awesome book) to help you on your path.

There's 3 ways to use essential oils
Watch the videos below to find out how

how to use essential oils aromatically

how to use essential oils topically

how to use essential oils internally